More on Facebook


So, I’ve left Facebook, so I feel like I have a right to NOT be tracked by them.  Not possible unless you use multiple anti tracker scripts.

The following screenshot was taken a few days ago, and clearly shows that facebook tracks all visitors to sites which have it.  Talk about intrusions!

Facebook Tracker

Facebook Tracker

Toby: A bit depressed


He woke to find it was raining, and although he doesnt mind getting a bit wet, he likes his mornings to be sunny!

Black Swans at Rest


As I was reprocessing this, I discovered, to my dismay, that I had huge dust spots on the sensor as the shot was taken. I had not noticed because the shots were all pale and didnt show anything untoward. Thank goodness for Photoshop Fix on the iPad.

This from the same morning as the previous.

Black Swans at rest

Unedited shot for comparison

Dust spots wahhhh!

Making a slow cooked Stew


Beef casserole, cooked in my slow cooker, and I made so much I’ll be eating it for a week (yes, I’ll freeze some).  Should be ready by about 6pm. YUM!


So I got out with my Pentax K5 this morning…


Some decent photos, though nothing really startling. It was really foggy, early, and it seemed to me that there might be something worth shooting in the outer edges of my suburb… and there was.

I particularly liked this one, of several that I shot of yards and yards of spiderweb. It/they were all through the trees, and all over the grass. With the fog and the dew on the webs, it appealed!

Webs in the morning

The best thing about this outing? I came home and had no pain in my wrists. I’m glad I didnt sell the DSLR gear.

Left facebook again


I think the final nail in the facebook coffin was, for me, the recent scandal regarding data sharing, NOT restricted to the USA, and reaching into Europe and Australia that we know of, and probably many more place that we don’t. Cambridge Analytica had no right to our information, but Zuckerberg didnt care… until he got caught. And then… “Sorry”? What? That really is way too little, too late. The only thing he’s sorry about is getting caught, and losing profit.

I know that most of my friends will remain on facebook, because they don’t seem to care about their own privacy, or what might become of their information in the future. Lets face it… CA has that info now and who thinks they are going to delete the personal info of over 80M people, at least 300,000 of which are in Australia. Zuckerberg sold us out, and I for one am over him and his shit.

We didn’t have facebook a few years ago. We wrote emails, we participated in forums, and we picked up the phone. I can live without it, and if I miss out on some social event because I am not there and nobody bothered telling me… well… do I really need it? No, I don’t. Facebook, and Zuckerberg, can go to hell.

Toby, 18 months on.


Well, I must say I am proud of my little cat.  He’s learned the house rules and the local street rules.  He doesnt bite in anger anymore, unless he forgets himself, but when he first came it was daily… now not even monthly.

He’s finally staying around home more than he did at first (once, disappearing for 12 hours and then turning up for food).  He won’t use the litter tray and is happy to go pee in the rain.  He is (alas) a killer, still.  He’s done 2 birds that I know of.  Probably more.  But I dont think he can be getting many because he’s always starving when he gets home.  Then again, he’s a teenage boy, what else to expect.

Unlike Tom, he doesnt really like being photographed.  I get photos from time to time but he wont sit still for them as Tom used to.  Perhaps as he gets older.

Here he is…

“There is a monster in the house”

“HELP!  I can’t get down”