Diet and Diabetes: A Rant.

This is a rant post.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, some 10 years ago. I have always struggled with weight. Now, I am obese. Morbidly so. And what was the advice given by the educators? Was it to cut carbs and eat vegies and meat? Nope. They STILL want you to eat “healthy grains” (no such thing. ALL grains will a) raise BGL and b) add weight). That food triangle that the health department thinks is king shit… isnt.

Do you know, I was advised to eat NINE serves of carbs a day. NINE!!! That was about 4x my normal. “We dont want you having hypos” they said. “You MUST have them” they said. And I thought they knew best so I did it. And gained 20Kg, and they said to me “You must be cheating on your diet”. I wasnt. I was doing exactly as I was told and it was WRONG. I have managed only to maintain that weight, and have not lost any at all since those days. I wish I had not listened. I wish I had told them all to go take a flying leap. I’d still be overweight, always have been. But I would not be the size I am now.

I’m sick, and I’m tired, and I’m getting all kinds of other medical complications…

So here’s the lesson: If you get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes DO NOT pay attention to the crap they tell you about carbs. You MUST go low carb. Carbs are what raise blood sugars and put on weight. Increase your fat intake. Avocadoes and eggs are good, OK? So is lamb and pork with the fat still on. I now cook with butter or coconut oil and stay well away from canola etc. I’m a carb addict so i have trouble staying off them… but I’m back to the levels I was at pre-diagnosis, at least. Next step is to remove complex carbs entirely (that is, no sugars, no bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no diet sodas). I’m well on the way, I have no pasta or rice in the house but I still have the odd small potato and sadly cave in to hot chips every so often. I need to stop both. There’s enough carbs in other vegies (peas, carrots, tomatoes) to make up for it. And I had better learn to make oopsie bread (google it)

I often make recipes as made available at Diet Doctor Which are all very healthy and tasty as heck… but I still get cravings for carbs. Gotta deal with it. Alas my liver and gall bladder hate fat so the LCHF doesnt work so well for me. Pain is not my friend. I just need to work out whats doable and I am still battling with that.

End rant. For now.

Turnbull and Trump

So they met yesterday and everyone is buddybuddy but I was watching them carefully. Don’t listen to the words, just watch them. And pay attention to situations.

A) Every other country leader Trump has met, has been at The Whitehouse.

B) He kept Turnbull waiting for 3 hours

C) They both were leaning forward in their seats as if to make a hasty escape.

D) The handshake was long and grippy… Trump pulling Turnbull toward him… a clear indicator of superior (as *he* sees it) strength.

These four factors alone lead me to believe that Trump has no respect at all for Australia. We have been and are a good ally for the USA but Trump doesnt care, as long as we do as we are told. He’s now established his dominance. And I notice there have been no people moved from Manus Island to the USA.

Nah. Its all show and no go.

Here’s Toby, prepping for bad behaviour

He has taken to getting into fights lately, there must be a new cat in the neighbourhood, he and the others came to an accommodation some time ago.

Here, he’s waiting for me to go back indoors so I wont see where he goes. Sneaky teenage boys. All the same no matter what species.

So I am abandoning facebook

Its taken a while to get round to deleting my account, I was trying to remove all content but its impossible, really. They have so many backups on so many servers I could never do it. So I bit the bullet this morning and hit the delete button. It takes 2 weeks, they give you plenty of time to change your mind, but I won’t, this time. I just feel like its all too fake. Very few people read the posts beyond the headline and photo. People “like” what you write but very few bother commenting. Everyone loves your photos but wont bother hitting your Flickr stream because its too much trouble. Seriously? This is what friendship has become? No! I reject it. This isnt friendship. Its something else and I don’t like it.

I *am* maintaining a gaming account for three games that I play a lot (Criminal Case, Megapolis and Scrivalry) but have no plans to make that any more than it is.

What a complete crock this social networking is. Its not even a shadow of what networking is supposed to be. There has to be a benefit and once that is no longer the case, its time to move on. I do have a twitter account, and instagram as well.. instagram will be deleted. I dont post on twitter much anyway so thats no big deal. G+ went, ages ago.

Toby’s Latest Toy

No idea what kind of lizard this is, it was about 8″ from nose to tail (and half that was missing). I tried to pick it up to put it somewhere in leaf litter but it was having none of it. Oh well, at least its little mouth wasnt big enough to actually grab onto my fingers. Toby is very upset with me at the moment.

Milky Way

Its been a while since I shot this but after watching Stargazing Live for the last 3 nights, I am feeling inspired to go out and try again.