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Toby being armless

06/05/2019 Comments off

Flatcat ignores the human.

Toby at rest

Toby at rest.

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New Camera: Ricoh GR II

09/01/2019 Comments off

Purchased during the Black Friday sale on CR Kennedy’s website (Kennedys are the Australian Pentax/Ricoh/Sigma official importer) for a reasonable price.  Yes, the GR III is in the offing but from my reading of the features, some which I wanted were missing so I grabbed the II and have no regrets.

It does clouds pretty well.

Sunset cloud

Nobbys Beach

Not bad at macro if you get the distance right.

Random Pen

I’m looking forward to the weather cooling down, I feel the heat and the cold so much these days, my photography is pretty much restricted to outings in Spring and Autumn. Assuming we get to have those seasons, some years we miss out completely. The GR II is a wonderfully small and light camera, and I really love that its got a big sensor, the quality of image is vastly superior to the usual compact (though how would anyone know when viewing on the web)…

Anyhoo… more at some time in the future.

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On again off again facebook.

09/01/2019 Comments off

Currently I’m on, but I’m not participating very much.  I went back because a luncheon I wanted to attend was only being notified on FB, so I rejoined.  Also some photography groups and “Lost” groups.  I love the idea of it, but I detest the implementation and the fact that we are sold as a commodity to make pots of money for someone else.  Yes, its a “free” service, but some things ought to be off limits, and on facebook, they arent.

Oh well.

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Toby: A bit depressed

28/04/2018 Comments off

He woke to find it was raining, and although he doesnt mind getting a bit wet, he likes his mornings to be sunny!

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Making a slow cooked Stew

07/04/2018 Comments off

Beef casserole, cooked in my slow cooker, and I made so much I’ll be eating it for a week (yes, I’ll freeze some).  Should be ready by about 6pm. YUM!


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Toby, 18 months on.

22/01/2018 Comments off

Well, I must say I am proud of my little cat.  He’s learned the house rules and the local street rules.  He doesnt bite in anger anymore, unless he forgets himself, but when he first came it was daily… now not even monthly.

He’s finally staying around home more than he did at first (once, disappearing for 12 hours and then turning up for food).  He won’t use the litter tray and is happy to go pee in the rain.  He is (alas) a killer, still.  He’s done 2 birds that I know of.  Probably more.  But I dont think he can be getting many because he’s always starving when he gets home.  Then again, he’s a teenage boy, what else to expect.

Unlike Tom, he doesnt really like being photographed.  I get photos from time to time but he wont sit still for them as Tom used to.  Perhaps as he gets older.

Here he is…

“There is a monster in the house”

“HELP!  I can’t get down”


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Oh facebook, why oh why am I there?

13/08/2017 4 comments

After my last post in which I proudly claimed not to have caved in… all has changed. Too many friends and acquaintances now use it to arrange social gatherings etc.  Many newer websites are wanting signups via facebook or google or linkedin and since I refuse the latter two, its facebook.

I’m more controlled now, though.  I dont post nearly as much as I used to on my previous account, and I am circumspect about who I’ve requested friendship from…

Anyway, back on fb and really am trying to ignore it as much as I can.

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