Stuffed Sinuses

I hate them. I hate the painful soft palate, I hate the junk from sinuses draining down and ending up in lungs overnight and I hate the end result which will be an argument with my GP for antibiotics. I dont take em very often, but when I need them, its desperation time.

Difflam-C, + Senega and Ammonia + Strepsils. Oh joy.

Autistic boy’s education

Source: ABC News

DEfinitely in two minds about this: Whilst I understand the parents’ desire to give their son the maximum opportunity available, I also understand why its just not that simple. How can you expect a classroom full of young kids to be able to concentrate on the lesson, if another kid lets out random screams. A severely autistic child has more issues than just being able to learn…

(And now we get to see what “Press This” achieves in terms of the blog and passthru to facebook)

Empire of Light

This is the third in a series (The Shoal Sequence) from an author I had not read in the past. Gary Gibson’s books are huge, in the sense that they span vast tracts of time and space and its easy to lose track of who is doing what to whom. The rewards are great, though, if you can restrain yourself from reading too quickly (I have trouble with that) and you find you are in the middle of a finely thought out series. I’m not going to add any spoilers 🙂

If you like Space Opera mixed with blood and gore, political manipulations and outright bastardry, you’ll enjoy the series. Start with Stealing Light then on to Nova War. You really need to read them one after the other, because really, its one massive book in three parts, though I understand that another novel, Marauder, which is set in the same universe, follows these.

Sleep Disorders

Not a snorer, me. Just someone who stops breathing multiple times per hour. Nothing like a collapsing airway to make you really tired at times you shouldn’t be. Its why I had to quit work in the end.

So I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 10 years ago, and have been using *PAP machinery ever since. I started on CPAP (thats a fixed pressure machine) and then, without the approval of my sleep doc, I switched to APAP which is an auto machine and which will adjust itself up and down according to how it detects what your breathing is doing.

However… there are times when I simply stop breathing unrelated to a collapsing airway. I’ve noticed it sometimes as I am drifting off to sleep… I breathe out and for some reason my brain thinks I don’t need to breathe in again. Needless to say, I jerk awake and take a big breath. I’m guessing this is the mysterious “central apnea” which is spoken of in various forums and usenet groups. It’s probably time I went back for a review, because one day I won’t wake and I won’t start breathing again. In the meantime, my brain is turning to mush.