Left facebook again

07/04/2018 8 comments

I think the final nail in the facebook coffin was, for me, the recent scandal regarding data sharing, NOT restricted to the USA, and reaching into Europe and Australia that we know of, and probably many more place that we don’t. Cambridge Analytica had no right to our information, but Zuckerberg didnt care… until he got caught. And then… “Sorry”? What? That really is way too little, too late. The only thing he’s sorry about is getting caught, and losing profit.

I know that most of my friends will remain on facebook, because they don’t seem to care about their own privacy, or what might become of their information in the future. Lets face it… CA has that info now and who thinks they are going to delete the personal info of over 80M people, at least 300,000 of which are in Australia. Zuckerberg sold us out, and I for one am over him and his shit.

We didn’t have facebook a few years ago. We wrote emails, we participated in forums, and we picked up the phone. I can live without it, and if I miss out on some social event because I am not there and nobody bothered telling me… well… do I really need it? No, I don’t. Facebook, and Zuckerberg, can go to hell.

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Toby, 18 months on.

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Well, I must say I am proud of my little cat.  He’s learned the house rules and the local street rules.  He doesnt bite in anger anymore, unless he forgets himself, but when he first came it was daily… now not even monthly.

He’s finally staying around home more than he did at first (once, disappearing for 12 hours and then turning up for food).  He won’t use the litter tray and is happy to go pee in the rain.  He is (alas) a killer, still.  He’s done 2 birds that I know of.  Probably more.  But I dont think he can be getting many because he’s always starving when he gets home.  Then again, he’s a teenage boy, what else to expect.

Unlike Tom, he doesnt really like being photographed.  I get photos from time to time but he wont sit still for them as Tom used to.  Perhaps as he gets older.

Here he is…

“There is a monster in the house”

“HELP!  I can’t get down”


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Oh facebook, why oh why am I there?

13/08/2017 4 comments

After my last post in which I proudly claimed not to have caved in… all has changed. Too many friends and acquaintances now use it to arrange social gatherings etc.  Many newer websites are wanting signups via facebook or google or linkedin and since I refuse the latter two, its facebook.

I’m more controlled now, though.  I dont post nearly as much as I used to on my previous account, and I am circumspect about who I’ve requested friendship from…

Anyway, back on fb and really am trying to ignore it as much as I can.

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Still havent caved in to facebook

04/06/2017 Comments off

What is bothering me, considerably, though, is the increasing numbers of sites requiring a login, but not providing an option to join independent of facebook, Google Plus or linkedIN. So far, I have simply not joined sites which are being (as I see it) so difficult. I have begun considering rejoining, though, and simply not participating in anything. I wonder if I can resist the temptation…

Oh yeah, I was able to get rid of my gaming account as well, and not lose progress in the games (I was playing them on my iPad, and never on facebook proper)… So I was pretty happy with that particular disconnection.

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Security and Privacy

04/06/2017 2 comments

I’ve recently acquired a tin hat. I don’t do anything antisocial, and I don’t do bittorrent except for occasional desire to check out some new version of Linux, and I don’t associate with terrorists or psychopaths (that I know of, anyway) but I still do not like the idea that my personal data is now exposed to any government agency that wants to look at it.

NOT to mention that Google and facebook sell your data so advertising can be targeted at you, personally. De-identified my ass.

So, in light of that, I have added a new link on the sidebar, to the Protonmail blog, which is jam-packed full of useful (and in some cases quite scary) information.

If you care at all about privacy in your email, you need to get Protonmail. There’s no advertising, and it’s end to end encrypted. And it won’t cost you a bean. There are limitations at the free level, of course, and maybe if you like to store everything that comes your way, it may not be for you, but for basic communication, its perfect. I’m contemplating an upgrade to Plus level but will wait to see if I can make the switch successfully, from gMail.

Proton is also currently beta testing a VPN with its paid customers, and it sounds like it may be an ideal solution for those of us who do value our privacy. Its funny, I never used to care. There’s stuff out there on the web, going back as far as my university days when I was on a Linguistics LISTSERV, but these days, its all Big Brother. Orwell was a few years ahead of reality but its happening. And I dont like it.

Additionally, you might want to think about the messaging application you use. Google Allo or Hangouts? Facebook Messenger? Easy and free, and you are giving away so much information, its ridiculous. Try Telegram or Signal instead, Signal being the most secure of all.

We can’t do much about our mobile services (carrier pigeons, anyone?) or our phonecalls on landline, they will have that info in a heartbeat if They want it, but I believe its necessary for everyone to take charge of their information and their privacy to the best of their ability… And if you use an Android phone? Good luck. I have one (but my main is an iPhone) and I am about to see if its possible to use Android without Google. [Edit: FAIL! See comments]

Relevant links:
Protonmail | Telegram | Signal

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Diet and Diabetes: A Rant.

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This is a rant post.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, some 10 years ago. I have always struggled with weight. Now, I am obese. Morbidly so. And what was the advice given by the educators? Was it to cut carbs and eat vegies and meat? Nope. They STILL want you to eat “healthy grains” (no such thing. ALL grains will a) raise BGL and b) add weight). That food triangle that the health department thinks is king shit… isnt.

Do you know, I was advised to eat NINE serves of carbs a day. NINE!!! That was about 4x my normal. “We dont want you having hypos” they said. “You MUST have them” they said. And I thought they knew best so I did it. And gained 20Kg, and they said to me “You must be cheating on your diet”. I wasnt. I was doing exactly as I was told and it was WRONG. I have managed only to maintain that weight, and have not lost any at all since those days. I wish I had not listened. I wish I had told them all to go take a flying leap. I’d still be overweight, always have been. But I would not be the size I am now.

I’m sick, and I’m tired, and I’m getting all kinds of other medical complications…

So here’s the lesson: If you get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes DO NOT pay attention to the crap they tell you about carbs. You MUST go low carb. Carbs are what raise blood sugars and put on weight. Increase your fat intake. Avocadoes and eggs are good, OK? So is lamb and pork with the fat still on. I now cook with butter or coconut oil and stay well away from canola etc. I’m a carb addict so i have trouble staying off them… but I’m back to the levels I was at pre-diagnosis, at least. Next step is to remove complex carbs entirely (that is, no sugars, no bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no diet sodas). I’m well on the way, I have no pasta or rice in the house but I still have the odd small potato and sadly cave in to hot chips every so often. I need to stop both. There’s enough carbs in other vegies (peas, carrots, tomatoes) to make up for it. And I had better learn to make oopsie bread (google it)

I often make recipes as made available at Diet Doctor Which are all very healthy and tasty as heck… but I still get cravings for carbs. Gotta deal with it. Alas my liver and gall bladder hate fat so the LCHF doesnt work so well for me. Pain is not my friend. I just need to work out whats doable and I am still battling with that.

End rant. For now.

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The New “Improved” WordPress Editor

06/05/2017 Comments off

Gawd… its been dumbed down to the point where I can no longer find the things I want. Send it away for gods sake. The font size is massive, nothing is where it was, before, and I now have to learn a whole new way of doing things. I HATE IT!!!

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