Peter Garrett Sells Out

Tonight, Garrett announced his full support for yet another American base to be built in Australia adding to the already substantial spy bases at Nurrungar, Northwest Cape, Pine Gap and Tidbinbilla: now we will also have an American military base for trainig their troops in WA (oh well, its closer to the Middle East). Stop me if I seem to be mistaken… but don’t we normally keep Australian soil for training Australian troops? Or did I miss something and we have already become a new US state, with absolutely none of the benefits which that might bring (and yes, I do use the word “benefits” very loosely)

This switcheroo would not seem to be at odds with being a politician in a major political party, if it were not also for the fact that Garrett is the former front-man to the politically and socially aware (and extremely successful) rock group, Midnight Oil. The Oils were well known for their continual social commentary and raging against the establishment… not just for its own sake, but because there was and is very much to be concerned about. Apparently, though, that was then and this is now.

Garrett explains it all away as having been youthful exuberance (or somesuch completely unbelievable story).

Am I being too savage? I don’t think so. I still remember when Bob Hawke made a similar about-face on the Uranium issue… after years of shouting that if he were elected, there would be no new mines and no selling Uranium overseas… it lasted about 6 months.

Who’s running this country? Seems to me its not Australians.


4 thoughts on “Peter Garrett Sells Out

  1. Geoff 18/02/2007 / 8:53 pm

    No matter who gets the most votes it is always a politician that gets elected.

  2. kyte 18/02/2007 / 10:10 pm

    Well gee, Geoff, that about sums it up. PG has certainly become the consummate politician. He has mastered pollie-speak so well that he can speak for 30 minutes flat without saying a thing. It’s a shame.

  3. Michael 20/02/2007 / 11:52 pm

    I don’t have a problem with US bases, especially now the Cold War is over. But I’ve never argued against them like Garrett either.

    That’s the issue really. He has abandoned his principles to pursue political goals. And that’s a charitable interpretation.

    It’s pragmatic though too. If he wanted to beat his chest and achieve nothing he would have joined the Greens.

  4. kyte 22/02/2007 / 9:00 am

    Well as you might assume, I’m a bit of a left-leaning middle of the road swinging voter (though the swing has almost always been between the minor parties)…

    I have a problem with US bases being here, because I am sick to death of feeling like Australia is a US territory.

    However, the real point is, as you say, the abandoning of principles. Both Hawke and Garrett are people I never thought would do that, and now PG has done it too. I don’t much care why. It sucks.

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