The New “Improved” WordPress Editor

Gawd… its been dumbed down to the point where I can no longer find the things I want. Send it away for gods sake. The font size is massive, nothing is where it was, before, and I now have to learn a whole new way of doing things. I HATE IT!!!


A WordPress site for a friend.

Lesley asked me for some help to get her website sorted out… dear me, she was being charged for breathing, it seemed to me.  I suggested she take a new host and get a domain… its for a business…

Anyway, its all progressing nicely, with a few edits to make and some better photographs to be posted when she gets them to me,  and it can be found at

Arthur River Cruises

I’ll post a permanent link in the sidebar, as well 🙂

Auto updates of WordPress…

I thought I had switched that off, but apparently not.  WP has now gone to 3.9.1 and I wondered if there was a fix for the image upload issue… but no…  Still need to leave proportional thumbnails unchecked.

Sometimes I wonder about upgrades…

I know the sidebar links aren’t why people visit the site, but I like to have a series of links to places that I find interesting and relate to the blog content (I also like to pimp my photography sites). So the WordPress gods removed the link tool at version 3.5 apparently. Those who have just been upgrading since before that will not have noticed, because the upgrades dont remove the tool. Its only on clean installs.

Thank goodness they made it available as a plugin, and I now have it back. But, there was a moment of panic, when I thought I was going to have to hand code links as I had with nibbleblog! Saved! It turns out that there are tons of links plugins so eventually I may install something more exotic. For now, though, I just want the old links tool 🙂