A little video or two

I took these with the standard Olympus, and forgot to turn the sound on… I was going to post them a couple of days ago but realised streaming would put me over my bandwidth limit in short order. So yesterday I joined Youtube and uploaded to there.

First: people familiar with Minmi Road between Wallsend Hospital and the Macquarie St intersection will know about the stormwater drain/easement which is usually just a dribble, and even in heavy rain doesnt do much exciting. This is from Friday about 2pm.

This next is of ducks in a pond that was getting very full. The ducks were happy, anyway :). Forgot the sound again. I think I need to get a proper video cam soon.

Thanks to youtube embedding 🙂


Drought: Not watering the lawn

Because of the extreme drought conditions in Australia, I’m doing my bit by refusing to waste water on a lawn. I’m beginning to think I need to find some way to do it (a long hose thru the garage, carrying my grey water perhaps?) because my house/land is on clay, and because its been so dry, the clay is drying out, cracking apart and the topsoil (little than there was) is falling into the holes.

cracked yard

Click on the thumbnail for the full pic

Climate Change?

The Australian summer has always been hot, hot hot: but I think this year could beat most we have had so far.

I leave the back door open for the cats to come and go as they please, during the cooler months, there is usually only 3-4 months of the year during which the flies are so bad that I have to shut cats outside and then let them back in when they ask. This year, its all starting much earlier.

I had a MONSTER blowfly come in yesterday and its only mid-September (supposedly the first month of Spring). The daytime temperatures are starting to really heat up, and I have begun using my airconditioning in the daytime already. I usually don’t start using that until the end of October.

I think we are in for a long, hot one.

Aussie Climate Change info can be found at the Bureau of Meterorology Info site