So I got out with my Pentax K5 this morning…

Some decent photos, though nothing really startling. It was really foggy, early, and it seemed to me that there might be something worth shooting in the outer edges of my suburb… and there was.

I particularly liked this one, of several that I shot of yards and yards of spiderweb. It/they were all through the trees, and all over the grass. With the fog and the dew on the webs, it appealed!

Webs in the morning

The best thing about this outing? I came home and had no pain in my wrists. I’m glad I didnt sell the DSLR gear.

10 Responses to “So I got out with my Pentax K5 this morning…”

  1. Chris Lewis Says:

    Beautiful. I’m afraid my Pentax has gone forever. Still, the Nikon is ok for taking ‘snaps’. I doubt it would take anything like this tho… 🙂

  2. Sue Says:

    Which Nikon? We havent kept up with our camera meanderings.

  3. Chris Lewis Says:

    Coolpix P900. No RAW but 83x Zoom.

  4. Sue Says:

    Ahh. Jill bought that one too. I still have its baby brother, the P610. Trust me, make the effort and it *will* do some stunning shots. are OK, and yours is “better” than mine.

  5. Chris Lewis Says:

    I have a decent tripod now as well – which I *didn’t* have for the recent Blood Moon sadly. For the long distance shots the tripod is essential. Stabilised or not it’s a pig to hold still at the extreme length! I’m blaming the camera but really I just don’t have the same ‘eye’ as you… or the postprocessing skills 😀

  6. Sue Says:

    yeah, i find even at 60x the P610 can be a bugger of a think to stabilise. Still, its worthwhile. when the P900 first came out, the whingepool denizens were all taking moon shots. Don’t know if Jill has, yet.

  7. Chris Lewis Says:

    It does have limitations. One simple one is not being able to take stills and video together. Even my old Fuji HS20 would do that!! It is nice to be able to focus on an animal or bird without disturbing it… tho again the zoom and focus could be faster, but there ya go. Pays yer money etc… 🙂

  8. Sue Says:

    yeah, I found that with the P610, although it does have its uses. Its a shame you cant get the K-r back. I wouldn’t have lent it, myself, I trust nobody to return things, especially things like that.

  9. Chris Lewis Says:

    Well it was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks to complete a college project, and it was Lavender (who was almost a daughter – she still tells the kids to call me grandpa!!). I’m annoyed but short of turning up on the doorstep and demanding it there’s not much I can do. 🙂

  10. bartjeej Says:

    That’s a really nice shot, Sue! And yay for no wrist pain 🙂

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