Oh facebook, why oh why am I there?

After my last post in which I proudly claimed not to have caved in… all has changed. Too many friends and acquaintances now use it to arrange social gatherings etc.  Many newer websites are wanting signups via facebook or google or linkedin and since I refuse the latter two, its facebook.

I’m more controlled now, though.  I dont post nearly as much as I used to on my previous account, and I am circumspect about who I’ve requested friendship from…

Anyway, back on fb and really am trying to ignore it as much as I can.


4 thoughts on “Oh facebook, why oh why am I there?

  1. Rofl… I knew you’d cave in. The bloody site isn’t just addictive, it’s creeping insidiously into almost everything we do online. But as you said, when all your friends and family are in there… what can you do??

  2. I’m not as addicted as I was, but (for example) recently realised I wasnt getting notifications of when the old workers get togethers were, and thats because it was all on facebook. Before, it was word of mouth. Then theres the website signups that demand it. Its a royal pita.

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