Turnbull and Trump

So they met yesterday and everyone is buddybuddy but I was watching them carefully. Don’t listen to the words, just watch them. And pay attention to situations.

A) Every other country leader Trump has met, has been at The Whitehouse.

B) He kept Turnbull waiting for 3 hours

C) They both were leaning forward in their seats as if to make a hasty escape.

D) The handshake was long and grippy… Trump pulling Turnbull toward him… a clear indicator of superior (as *he* sees it) strength.

These four factors alone lead me to believe that Trump has no respect at all for Australia. We have been and are a good ally for the USA but Trump doesnt care, as long as we do as we are told. He’s now established his dominance. And I notice there have been no people moved from Manus Island to the USA.

Nah. Its all show and no go.