So I am abandoning facebook

Its taken a while to get round to deleting my account, I was trying to remove all content but its impossible, really. They have so many backups on so many servers I could never do it. So I bit the bullet this morning and hit the delete button. It takes 2 weeks, they give you plenty of time to change your mind, but I won’t, this time. I just feel like its all too fake. Very few people read the posts beyond the headline and photo. People “like” what you write but very few bother commenting. Everyone loves your photos but wont bother hitting your Flickr stream because its too much trouble. Seriously? This is what friendship has become? No! I reject it. This isnt friendship. Its something else and I don’t like it.

I *am* maintaining a gaming account for three games that I play a lot (Criminal Case, Megapolis and Scrivalry) but have no plans to make that any more than it is.

What a complete crock this social networking is. Its not even a shadow of what networking is supposed to be. There has to be a benefit and once that is no longer the case, its time to move on. I do have a twitter account, and instagram as well.. instagram will be deleted. I dont post on twitter much anyway so thats no big deal. G+ went, ages ago.