At it again!

This time, a new blog.  I’m sure nobody wants to read the entirety of my previous wordpress blogs, but if they were crazy enough, they could visit my old site at Hamarana. The blog is 12+ years old and well and truly outdated.

I’ve become fed up with Facebook.  Every time I post anything there at all, some advertising somehow manages to target me (I’m sure it happens to everyone, its just that I’m sick of it).  I need to keep facebook because a number of friends and relatives use it for messaging (Get an iPhone, you lot!) and so I’m kinda stuck.  But it doesnt mean I have to participate in anything else.

Anyway, this is the beginning.  2017.. I’ll be holding forth on anything that gives me cause for pause, whether good or bad, and inevitably will also post photographs I have taken, since that is my other favourite pastime apart from Netflix and reading.