New Apple Gear.

I posted ages ago (but only a very few posts ago) that I would not be getting any new apple gear.  Whoops.

Soon after that I did get the AppleTV4.  Only the 32GB version, I can’t see any point in having the 64GB, the apps arent huge and I don’t play games on it.  Seems just too clumsy to play with the remote controller that comes with the ATV (I don’t like it, TBH, and most times use the old controller from the 3).  I decided to get the 4 when Plex was released for it.  I had been jailbreaking my ATV2 for Plex… And then that became a bit of a dud as the developer stopped updating the app.  Then I was using OpenPlex to run on the ATV3 by a hijack of one of the existing apps, which worked quite well.  But, the best thing about the 4 is that theres no need for a jailbreak or a hijack.  Most reputable apps are now native to the AppleTV.

[Following is relevant to Australia, but may be also for geo-unblockers from other locations] So I have my Netflix, STAN, ABC iView, SBSonDemand, TenPlay, and 7PLus.  9Now is less than impressive and although I have it installed, I rarely open it. I also have iTunes accounts on both the US and UK stores, and the AppleTV4 makes it easy to switch between, in order to download apps relevant to your needs or wants: eg; HBO (subscription), Hulu (subscription), BBC iPLayer, ABC (US), NBC, CBS all Access (subscription).  I don’t have those subscriptions, as I can no longer be fussed acquiring US itunes credit (though I hear that CBS is easy to sub to with an Aussie card and a US address).  I use Getflix as my geo-unblocker (I got a Lifetime Licence via Stacksocial which expires in 2046 – I don’t expect to be alive then) to be able to see some of the UK and US shows, but I find myself more often these days watching local stuff, and AUS Netflix which for me has a better selection than US.  US has more, but a greater proportion of junk.  You can also subscribe to various news services across the globe which won’t necessarily require an unblocker, like Al Jazeera, BBC News and so on. Basically, whatever you can download from your local iTunes store will not be blocked.

So for the past few months I have really become a fulltime couch potato.  And I also bought a new iPhone 6S which I was not going to do.  Its OK, but I do miss the compactness of the 5S.  Might see if the SE (basically a cut down 6S in the 5S package), if it ever gets updated,is more to my liking.  In the meantime, the 6S will do.  Nicely.