Almost a year later…

How time flies when you have pretty much abandoned the world.  Why has this happened?  Facebook.  I find that when I get the irrits about something, be it political, social, or otherwise, instead of posting here, as I did in the past (say, prior to ~2009 or so) I have at it on facebook.  And really, I got not much more of a response there, than here.

The difference though, and the reason I am contemplating becoming much more vociferous on WordPress, is that I hate facebook.  I only stay there because of a very few friends, and it occurred to me that those I care about, and my family, are really more likely to pick up the phone or send a text message… The rest never did and likely never will.  Why am I hanging on to those?  I have no idea.

I have a secondary account in which I have one friend and I only use that for games I can play on the iPad and which seem to demand a facebook login.

Another thing that has happened as a result of a) not being in the workforce anymore and b) facebook… I am becoming quite agoraphobic.  I have no desire to leave the house or yard, most of my photographs are taken of birds that visit me, rather than me getting out and about, and I stay in touch on facebook.  I have two friends, and a cousin, who I love dearly and who I see once a fortnight or month or so, depending on many variables.  Without them, I don’t think I would leave the house unless I really had to.

Its a sad state of affairs when you have to reward yourself for going out, with a trip to the shops to get some needed items… But I know if I shopped first, I would not follow up with any kind of outing.  So, I’m going into town.  The beaches, Queens Wharf perhaps… Somewhere, where I will have to leave the car, and take a photograph or two.  Even if they are crap.

Back later, hopefully to post a photo of where I went.