New Apple gear I don’t have.

The people at Apple have been busy this year. Updates to almost everything… phones, ipads, laptops, desktops, and AppleTV. I want it all, of course, but, being financially challenged (and buying way too many cameras over the years) means I have to make hard decisions.

1) New phone? Not this year, my 5S will do at least another year or possibly two. I’ve decided that I will upgrade when I can no longer get the latest Operating System for it.

2) New laptop? Hell no! My current Macbook does the job nicely, its been upgraded with an SSD and 8GB RAM, all it needs now is a new battery, but that can wait.

3) New iPad? Possibly. Been considering my old iPad Mini (the original, first gen) and its really starting to slow down. I may have to bequeath it to someone if I can’t sell it. And, sell it I must if it no longer does the job I want it to. 4th Gen iPad mini? Maybe not. I bought a new iPad Air (2nd Gen) around this time last year, and a new Logitech keyboard case to go with it… and I’ve found I have been using it far more than the Macbook or the current Desktop. The screen is a tad small for photography editing, as my eyes become more dodgy. iPad Pro with an almost 13″ screen? A definite possibility. I think it could easily replace both the Air2 *and* the Macbook. I’d never use it as a mobile device, just simply something on the table for internet, photography, and blog. And maybe some writing if ever I can undistract and get on with it. Pricing has not yet come out for Australia… its going to be expensive.

4) New AppleTV with an app store? It would be nice, but Apple has placed a premium on it. the base model in Australia is $269, as opposed to the $149 for the USA. Even accounting for exchange rates and GST, that is over the top by about $60. Not nice, Apple. I have two other AppleTVs, guess I will be making do with those and not getting the 4 for a while, must as I hanker after a native Plex or Infuse app.

So, this time round, its not a case of “Take my money, Apple!” Its a case of “you greedy bastards, taking more than you ought to”. The Australian “Apple Tax” is now a reality, where in the past, it really has not been. Seriously annoyed, me. Its not like they are broke. But, if they keep this up, they will be, and theres no Steve Jobs to bring them back, like the last time. Clearly they did not learn from past mistakes.


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  1. Chris 19/11/2015 / 2:30 pm

    I think Apple counts on the fact that folks are addicted to their devices, and also that they are “status symbols”. I think the Reality Distortion Field remains in full effect.

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