Comments, and Advertising

Comments: When I departed for other domains, I closed the comments on this blog. I’ve now reopened them but am not seeing a change in the actual script output. It may be a “feature” of using a theme which is no longer supported by WP because its not being updated by its author… So… I’m setting about finding a new theme. You may see different themes at different times, I’ll get it sorted as the mood takes me. Hopefully, at some point, the capacity to make a comment if you should want to, will reappear.

Advertising: You will, from time to time, see advertising on the blog (hopefully somewhat relevant to posts and comments). This is one of the ways in which remains free to use. Given the sheer quantity of blogs on the site, and the massive costs of running a site like this, *and* the fact that you can have as many blogs as you like, I think thats fair enough. I can’t afford the costs of paying to have it removed, its more expensive than having my own hosting. I’m paying to have the domain hosted and thats enough for now.

Idiots who try to spam this particular thread: Piss off, it doesnt work. Comments are now closed, 42 pathetic efforts to advertise your wares… woeful. And you dont even get a visit from me, let alone my visitors.