Tom and the camera

God bless the little guy, he was sound asleep on the back of one of the lounge chairs, with just a little sunlight lighting his little face. I thought I would sneak up on him with the X100 and get that… minor detail, I had forgotten to silence it, arghhhh, I got one shot, way too dark and noisy, and then it was all too late. This is “the look” which says “Do not photograph me when I am sleeping you rude woman!”

tom again
A glaring Tom

5 thoughts on “Tom and the camera

  1. That’s a smooth pic of Tom. One of the first things I do with all the cameras I’ve had is to mute them, for exactly the reason you cited.

  2. @Yeats
    Thanks, Chris. Oh yes indeed re muting!. I have NO idea why the X100 was not, perhaps I had not done it after the last firmware update (which was a doozy, very happy with it, I was).

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