Current Read: The Grail

Area 51 The Grail  Area 51: The Grail.  Continuing adventures of Mike Turcotte and Lisa Duncan.  Aliens Vs Humans.  Good yarns, but not to be taken entirely seriously.  One thing I find somewhat annoying about Robert Doherty/Bob Mayer is his insistence on recapping… often… the activity which led to a particular point in the story.  It might make the books readable if someone just picks one up randomly and starts reading, but really… a synopsis at the beginning would do the job.  I find myself skipping pages which tell me for the umpteenth time what transpired in the last book, or the one before that… it just detracts from the story.  My feeling is that, after reading his Atlantis series, after a while, these side trips into explanation are just unnecessary padding.  But then, there would be fewer books.  There are 10 in the Area 51 series, but I suspect I will tire of it long before I get there.  The Grail is #5.