Starting over

I deleted my facebook account on Sunday just gone, after having deleted my google plus account a couple of weeks ago. I havent missed google plus, and I don’t expect to miss facebook. I’ve decided all this “friending” business is a huge crock of shit. I’ve variously had from 10 to over 100 “friends” on my facebook contact list and no matter how many or how few I have, there are only a half dozen who actually post anything worth looking at, or commenting on, and even fewer who interact with me, and the things I post. Eventually I realised that this was because I insisted on posting about things that matter. You know, the state of the economy, what on earth our government is or isnt doing, how dreadful things are in Korea or Ukraine… and it seemed that there was only one or two of the few people I had left who were interested or could be bothered even thinking about such things.

I came to realise that facebook is ONLY for pics of kittens or dogs. Its ONLY for doing idiot quizzes and challenging your friends to do the same. Its ONLY for playing games. And its ONLY for pushing advertising at you. And I do not need any of that. You will notice there is no advertising on this site and if at any time in the future any appears, you may slap me (or my hosting provider, because it wont be me!)

So, anyway (are you still there?) I want to be able to rant, and I want to be able to post my photographs without imagining facebook is going to take ownership, and I want to be able to post links and I want it all to stay put and not scroll off the page because someone else ranted more than I did. The only solution was a return to self hosting and a dumping of that asshole of the internet, known as facebook.

I may never get any interaction here, I really am starting from scratch, but time will tell. At one point one of my domains was garnering over 10k visits a month, with a few people commenting here and there. Lets see how it goes.