Photographic Discontent?

I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer ever since I was a kid, holding my Dad’s Zeiss up to my eye and shooting, then marvelling at what came back from the printer’s. I’ve had a gazillion cameras, and taken as many photographs over the years, and find that the genre I seem to do best with is the sunrise/sunset variety. And yet, I am sick of it. Been there, done that. I no longer get excited when I see someone else’s great sunrise or ocean shot. The joy has simply left me. And yet, I still carry a camera wherever I go.

Perhaps its just a slump, or perhaps its the sameness of the shooting that is really getting up my nose. I have taken so many photographs of the Newcastle beaches at sunrise, and Lake Macquarie at sundown, I am simply fed up with it all. It bores me absolutely witless. So, what next? I need to shoot (yes I do) so what… macro? Nope, bored with that too. The cat? Yes, I will always find time to photograph Tom or whoever follows him into my life.

I think its going to have to be people. I am going to have to bite the bullet and do some street photography. I have done some, in the past, and in the distant past actually did quite a lot but back then, people didn’t want to punch your lights out if you dared shoot them, and there wasn’t this rampant paranoia if you happened to photograph a kid. So generally, I’ll stay away from kids (I dont much like shooting them anyway, I am not kid friendly these days)… but I think I am going to have to start walking the streets with a compact in hand (not the DSLR: how to scare people off in one easy lesson).

Here’s some stuff I have done in the last few years… I just don’t maintain the momentum… but I must.



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