1) Well, in the end, it seemed that taking private hosting wasn’t worth bothering with. I never really got into it, and generally preferred to post here at instead. Even after exporting all my posts to a self hosted blog, I still came back here. I decided to keep the domain, and maintain hosted email at google. The costs are about the same, I guess, but here, I don’t have to fret over whether the script is up to date, or whether security holes have been plugged.

So, both the wordpress subdomain, and the TLD will work to send people to this location. All good, and a whole lot easier than private hosting.

2) I’ve been doing very little photography since last November when my car broke down for the first of a few times. Have not been able to get to my usual favourite places to shoot, and have been restricted to opportunistic shooting instead… and there isn’t much to recommend the area in which I live, photographically. However, the car was repaired yesterday (yes, it took me that long to save the money to get it done, because there were intervening cat-to-vet incidents) and I hope to be out and about a lot more now.

3) Diabetes is under control, pretty much, now. Only when I am bad, do I get big numbers. Two medications have been ceased, both by myself. The endo approved of the one but doesnt yet know of the other. Actos has a lot of dangerous side effects and I reached a point where I decided I did not wish to risk it any longer. Apparently it is banned in the USA and some other countries because of this, but not yet in Australia.

4) I’m reading more and enjoying it more since upgrading my iPhone from a 3GS to a 4S. The screen is so much better. I’m hoping the next iPad Mini will have a “retina” screen, because I can’t any longer get used to the lesser resolution, and I find the iPad3 just a bit too heavy for comfort. Fingers crossed for the next version. I think I’ll probably sell the 3 in any case. I’m just not using it enough at all.

5) I’ve been good and have not spent any more money on new cameras since November 2011. Very happy with what I have but am currently tempted by the new Fujifilm X-20, and by the Fuji X-Pro. I would have to sell almost all my current gear in order to afford both of these, but my X100 will go nowhere. I just love it.

I guess there was 5 posts worth in this, and no doubt anyone reading will give up before getting to here, but if you made it, congratulations. I plan to be much more active in the blog than I have been, so keep watching this space šŸ™‚


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  1. kyte 20/06/2013 / 7:56 am

    To the solar-powered phone charger spammer: You might well check back… but you won’t see your comment. See the warning before you post. Idiot.

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