Going out and Shooting

And I am not talking about shooting with guns. I have, for the past year or more, been caught up more in the gear, than in getting out and actually *doing* any photography. Sure, I have been out a few times, but mostly “testing” new equipment and then showing “samples” on forums.

I’ve decided that this is an unmitigated waste of time, and I just need to go out and photograph things because I want to. To this end, seriouscompacts.com has a month long challenge which is not restricted by camera, lens, topic or anything except the imperative to go out every day and take a photograph. So I’ll do that. I think I’ll probably make a flickr gallery just for the month of “stuff” and then post it here at the end.

In the meantime… Here’s Tom, “shot” with the FZ100 I have been ignoring!
Peaceful Tom