Facebook does it again

I’m back on the brink of deleting my account from facebook permanently. Since making the decision last time, I have remained fixed in place, stuck like glue in the facebook ecosystem. I decided that since I was going to stay, I would delete my old posts, (not that there was anything shameful about them, I just hated the notion that anything I did there might be preserved for posterity…) Anyway, posts deleted and I was content.

Fast forward to this week when we discover that the facebook privacy policy has been “revised” without all facebook members being notified, and that privacy on facebook is getting to be… well… NOT!!… I went back to check where my old posts had been deleted, and lo and behold, they were back. To say I was completely pissed off was an understatement. What it means is that everything you say and do is likely to be preserved for eternity, depending on when the last backup was. I’m going to continue to delete, delete, delete. I’m still playing Fish Wrangler but am getting sick to death of it. When I pull out of that, I’ll also be pulling out of facebook. I have a few people on my list but its like sitting in a lounge chair and having your living room window open. People can see in, but nobody bothers coming to the window to talk with you (except for a few genuine friends who you communicate with regularly offline, anyway)

facebook sucks.