Type 2 Diabetes: Some thoughts on Diet.

I’ve had 6 years of being a Type 2, and am heading down a path of what seems to be an inevitable deterioration, so that in a short time, I am expected to be on insulin. I don’t want it, and its probable that I won’t comply with it, so I have sought out alternatives to that. When I saw my endocrinologist last month, she wanted to put me on insulin right away… but as far as I was concerned, that was NOT the solution. Its easier to do it, but it isn’t the solution I wanted. I argued with her that a third medication would be a more appropriate choice, given that I had already begun to get some decent control over my BGLs. She prescribed Actos, reluctantly, and does not expect that I will be successful. Already, I have slowly begun to reduce my BGLs to the point where my HbA1c *should* come in under 6.5% on the next test (the last one was over 8%) and my fasting should be between 4 and 5 mmol/l (thats 72-108 mg/dl for you northerners :)) Currently, it tends to range between 5 and 9 (90-162).

A number of different events have occurred lately, which make me think that it *is* possible to get control and reduce BGLs without the extreme measures that doctors want to use. One of these was beginning to read online about the Low Carb High Fat diet. It goes against all current guidelines, especially when looking at fat… but it makes sense to me. Begin reading at the following link: Dietdoctor.com. It got me thinking, but I had not yet acted on it.

The second thing which occurred was that I had to have a colonoscopy… that was yesterday… and the preparation (not very pleasant) took 2 days, including one of clear fluids only and then some fasting. My BGL had already begun to decrease so on the morning of the fluid day, it was only 4.3 (I’ve been getting quite a few under 5, lately, thanks to the Actos, I believe). I was allowed a small breakfast, so 2 weetbix was consumed early, and after breakfast my BGL shot up to 5.8… For the rest of the day, it was under 5 and continuing to drop. Rather than risk a hypo, I had some apple juice, which pushed it back up. I did not have my usual evening meds, thinking it would make little sense to take meds when I had just had some juice to stop me going lower. Woke the next morning to a 5.3 which bumped to 6.4 after the last of the prep (picolax) and it stayed up then, between 6 and 7 all day. Notable at this point in time is that its over 24 hours since I had any medication for my diabetes, but I did take the evening meds after it was over. Today, I woke to a 5.6 which was pushed to 10.2 after weetbix and allbran.

and that was the third thing which occurred that made me stop and think. Allbran? Its supposed to be good for you. Realisation: its not. Nor is the weetbix. And that then sent me back to the dietdoctor.com to do some more reading. And the more I read, the more convinced I became. I was chatting with a friend in IM, who is losing tons of weight at the moment which is partially due to a low carb diet… and after that, and returning to diet doctor, I have decided to dispense with ALL carbs at the moment, even the so called “complex carbs” and give the LCHF diet a good chance. Hell, its what I was brought up on (though there was some carb, there was not the level of processed crap or breaded stuff we have now).

My cupboards are going to be quite bare after today. I’ve already thrown out the packs of wrap bread I had, the bread thats in the freezer is going (I’ll see if the neighbours might want a loaf) and the breakfast cereals are gone. I have some jars of pasta which I will store for the moment, they are airtight, so should be OK…

What am I going to be living on? Fresh food, meat, fish, vegies grown above the ground (root veg are too starchy generally) and BUTTER (not margarine) for FRYING the meat, the chicken, and the eggs and bacon which I will enjoy, and also for making scrambled eggs (butter eggs as an old acquaintance used to call them). Fish will be an occasional thing, I’ve never been that keen on it, but maybe some smoked haddock or something… There will be no fruit (SUGAR!!) except as an occasional treat.

It might be a mad notion, but I want to get off most of my meds. I am currently on 3 meds for diabetes, 2 for blood pressure, 1 for cholesterol, and one for thyroid (that wont change, its not about obesity, that was down to autoimmune processes)… I also have a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea. I’m fairly sure nothing will change there, I had it (the apnoea, not the machine) before I got so obese, but you never know… I’d love to be able to sleep properly without it.

For a really GOOD overview of the theory behind the LCHF diet, you must watch Dr Andreas Eenfeldt on the following youtube video. Its long, but its very very good. Its somewhat academic, but not beyond anyone’s capacity to understand, IF they are ready to consider alternatives to today’s obesity-enabling western diet.

Go watch it. Now.