Tom, relaxing

My Tommy has taken over my footstool… well… its a large square material beanbag thingy, designed to be a foot stool, not a cat bed.  Tom disagreed, however, and 3 years ago, decided that it belonged to him.  Nothing has changed.

The following was taken with my X100, which I love more every day. 

Tom (CEP)


3 thoughts on “Tom, relaxing

  1. Kathrin 24/04/2012 / 10:28 am

    Hi – this comment is actually related to your post from years ago about Modafinil – last year I was finally diagnosed with “Ideopathic Hypersomnalence” – (essentially excessive tiredness but not as severe as narcolypsy). Have been on Dexamphetamine for 6 months, and now need to see a cardiologist because it is increasing my heart rate (resting BPM 100p/m). My sleep specialist will only presribe Modafinil if the cardiologist comes back and says I should stop taking Dexamphetamine … even then I don’t know if the PBS will cover it because I don’t technically have narcolypsy. Would love to chat to you about it to see if you found Modafinil helpful, cost from overseas etc.

  2. kyte 24/04/2012 / 10:41 am

    I’ve created a separate page now, which will always be available (assuming I dont change to a theme which doesn’t show Pages, as I had before)… its linked in the top navbar and I have replied there (to the best of my ability), to your query.

  3. kyte 24/04/2012 / 11:36 am

    In the meantime, Tom threw up all over his (my) footstool, aka feet seat, and the little beggar has already taken over the new one. Pix to follow.

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