Tom, relaxing

My Tommy has taken over my footstool… well… its a large square material beanbag thingy, designed to be a foot stool, not a cat bed.  Tom disagreed, however, and 3 years ago, decided that it belonged to him.  Nothing has changed.

The following was taken with my X100, which I love more every day. 

Tom (CEP)


3 thoughts on “Tom, relaxing

  1. Hi – this comment is actually related to your post from years ago about Modafinil – last year I was finally diagnosed with “Ideopathic Hypersomnalence” – (essentially excessive tiredness but not as severe as narcolypsy). Have been on Dexamphetamine for 6 months, and now need to see a cardiologist because it is increasing my heart rate (resting BPM 100p/m). My sleep specialist will only presribe Modafinil if the cardiologist comes back and says I should stop taking Dexamphetamine … even then I don’t know if the PBS will cover it because I don’t technically have narcolypsy. Would love to chat to you about it to see if you found Modafinil helpful, cost from overseas etc.

  2. I’ve created a separate page now, which will always be available (assuming I dont change to a theme which doesn’t show Pages, as I had before)… its linked in the top navbar and I have replied there (to the best of my ability), to your query.

  3. In the meantime, Tom threw up all over his (my) footstool, aka feet seat, and the little beggar has already taken over the new one. Pix to follow.

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