Canon G1X

I’ve been very interested in the Canon G1X, because I had a G11 until sold last year and I quite like the form factor. The main disappointment with it was its viewfinder. There’s nothing wrong with a tunnel optical finder, but it does need to be big enough for you to see a sufficient quantity of the scene. With these viewfinders on Canon compacts, theres a small green light which flashes when you are focussed, and you can see that happen in your peripheral vision. Its a great idea. But seeing MORE of the scene is desirable. And this, friends, is why I sold my G11. I found it too difficult to use the VF, and was using the rear screen (to good effect, to be sure) so it seemed like overkill to have that much camera for such a small gain.

In the end, I replaced that camera with an Olympus XZ-1

Enter the Canon G1X. With its massive sensor, slight increase in body size, 4x zoom… I thought all my Christmases had come at once. I could not wait to get my hands on one. This, I did last week. Imagine my disappointment when I noted that Canon had chosen to retain the same absolutely crappy viewfinder. I have seen arguments in various places around the net that if you had a bigger viewfinder, you’d also need a bigger camera… and that is unadulterated crap. Evidence for my claim is in the Fuji offerings, the X100 and X10, both of which are smaller in most dimensions and both of which have much larger finders.

So the G1X is off my shopping list, pretty much for good. As are all the G-series, until Canon gets its corporate act together and does something constructive about getting a decent sized viewfinder. NOT EVF. Keep the tunnel. Make it bigger. That is all.