Photographic Directions

I was visiting Ausphotog this morning, and was reading a post in relation to cliche photography (they are having a comp for the 8 greatest cliches) and I realised that its exactly what I am struggling with. The very genre in which I became interested, initially, is one which is so done to death, its actually getting boring. And I have become bored. I don’t drag myself out before dawn anymore (well still once in a while, but I no longer set an alarm… over that) and I don’t make huge efforts to be somewhere near water for sunset. Because sunrise and sunset, with or without milky water and wet rocks foreground, has been overdone for so long its just getting tiresome. I’ve only just realised that I no longer get excited when I see a good example… because there are, literally, millions of good examples. I don’t even get very excited when I see my own decent examples.

I went out yesterday morning before dawn because there is one shot that I want. I should have consulted The Photographer’s Ephemeris first, it would have saved me the trouble of driving for 30 minutes to the location only to discover that the sunrise is all wrong for the time of year and I will need to be going there in June or July. So, I didn’t get that shot. I got the following one, for the Serious Compacts Single in January Challenge.

Before Dawn

It wasn’t quite cliched but pretty close. Shot with an Olympus XZ-1 on a tripod and in shutter priority mode.

It a relief in some ways, not to feel pressured to go out at sparrowfart. These days, I go only if I am already awake, as I was yesterday. Afternoons are determined entirely by my level of motivation.


2 thoughts on “Photographic Directions

  1. Chris 26/01/2012 / 10:03 pm

    I’m going to have to have more of a look around the new Hamarana when the kids are back in school! Love your photos… 🙂

  2. kyte 12/02/2012 / 1:00 am

    Thanks, Chris. Don’t think you’ve been back, though 😛

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