Olympus XZ-1

Just recently bought this one, instead of the Fuji X-10 (which, knowing me, I’ll get sooner or later anyway, along with the new Canon G1X)… The IQ from this camera, even though its a compact, is just amazing.

sky and clouds
Big Aussie Sky
glass ornament
Glass ornament

and if you wondered about how clear and crisp the shots could be, take a look at the following. Its a 100% crop of a shot I took of a friend, across a table. The shot of her right eye is as good as it gets in a compact.

right eye
Anna's eye

I’ve more shots on my flickr site, in the Olympus XZ-1 Set, and if ever you wanted a compact that fits in your bag or can be carried in your baggy pants pocket (its never going in those tight jeans) this is the one. Brilliant.