iPhone Woes

I have a 3GS iPhone which has been serving me very well for the past couple of years. The OS version it was on, was 4.3.5. I never jailbroke it, and so, I never had the SHSH blobs saved anywhere. This would prove to be a pain in the butt.

Long story short: I upgraded to iOS5 because I thought I wanted the iCloud advantage. It turns out that the advantage isn’t particularly great, when measured against such things as the loss of my favourite ebook reader, Stanza, and the incredible LAG on the keyboard when typing SMSes and so on. Never mind the slow boot, and slow app opening. I thought it might be to do with too much cacheing so I reduced the number of apps on board, and found very little change. I was using only 12G of a possible 32G.

At the same time, like many others I went on a mission with regard to Stanza. Amazon initially was denying any knowledge of the app at all, but when confronted with the evidence of their ownership of the lexcycle domain, then admitted ownership but said that lexcycle was operating as a separate entity, and gave me an address to write to, there. That was two weeks ago, and I have had no response. Nor has anyone else. Lexcycle and Stanza have become a black hole. The problem is, no other ereader on the appstore comes even slightly close to Stanza in terms of features and quality, and thats the one I want.

Next step: downgrade. Easier said than done. Apple stops “signing” old firmware soon after a new OS is released. I kept getting “This device is not eligible for the requested firmware”. Enter http://www.modmyi.com and the 3GS downgrade forum (seems like downgrading on the 3GS has become the norm). A modmyi denizen called i.Annie was really helpful for my initial downgrade (to 4.1, which apparently Apple is still “signing” so if you havent jailbroken before you can still downgrade to this) and then a reupgrade to 4.3.3 (completed this morning). I had blobs saved for both, as I do for 5 as well, should I ever be tempted again (unlikely)

Right now, my phone is syncing everything so it will be back to how I had it prior to the upgrade/restore. And, I have Stanza. I also have jailbreak which of itself means nothing, but since I can’t do a wifi hotspot with the phone via Apple software, I can do it via MyWi, which I bought through Cydia a couple of years ago. Its good value if you dont have iphone 4 or better.

I’m happy. My phone is faster, and I have my ereader back again… Now to wait and see what happens in the future.