Publicize! has made it easier now, to make your posts appear on facebook. This is for the lazy buggers who are only vaguely interested in what you might write and will read it on their newsfeed, but who are so enmeshed in the facebook system that they will never bother to actually go to your page to read the entire post. It also enables posting of images which will be in your blog, but those same lazy buggers will have to leave the facebook page to see them, and so are unlikely to ever see more than a thumbnail.

Here’s a pic, lazy buggers.

I think its a camellia. Gary will know, it was in his garden.


One thought on “Publicize!

  1. Rita (blue flower art) 20/09/2011 / 6:13 pm

    It could be a gardenia. I can only tell them apart by the smell.

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