Diabetes Update

Well this new injectable medication called Byetta is working really well. It is NOT insulin, but it works to reduce your BGLs. Initially I went onto 5mcg twice a day, and my levels dropped to between 7 and 12, almost immediately, with a couple of real hypos (a most unpleasant experience let me tell you). Back to the endo last week and she was very pleased with how I was responding to the new medication. So, now I am on 10mcg twice a day as of 3 days ago and since then have not had a single reading out of range.

Other effects which aren’t claimed by any marketing of the drug: I don’t seem to want to eat “bad” food, like chocolate or sweets. In fact if I do it anyway because I am looking for the taste, I feel nauseated for hours. I’m tending to eat healthy food, not because I feel I have to, but because its what my body is demanding. For example, I get cravings for fruit and vegies, rather than for sweets or breads and cakes.

Nausea can be a big issue for some people. I’m doing OK. I do get a bit, from time to time, but there is a definite relationship between that, and when I have the jab and when I eat food. I’ve yet to work out the best option but it seems eating anything up to 15 minutes after the jab, and I’m OK. Leave it longer and I feel just awful. YMMV.

If you’re a Type2, ask your endo about this stuff. Its magic. In Australia, its on the PBS so affordable for anyone.

Disclaimer: I am not advising anyone who is Type I to go there, the drug is NOT recommended for Type I, its for people whose pancreas works, but inefficiently. This drug does not replace insulin and should not be regarded as an alternative to it