Diabetes Type 2: Time to get Serious?

Some readers will be aware that I was diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes some six years ago. I’ve struggled with the concept ever since. I have NOT wanted to give up my self-indulgent lifestyle, I have NOT wanted to exercise, and I most certainly have not wanted to comply with medication. After a few initial hiccups, I got with the program on medication, but I have generally ignored good sense when it came to diet and exercise. This is slowly changing, but for reasons other than common sense (which I seem to have a distinct lack of… when it comes to my health).

Just after Christmas, I wasn’t feeling very well and really could not think why… hadn’t been doing anything out of the ordinary, and hd not been overindulging *too* much. Checked my BGL (something I am VERY erratic about) and found that I was at 18, on a normal scale of 4-7. I made an appointment to see my GP, with a view to requesting a new referral to the endo I was seeing the previous year. Done deal, saw the endo, and last week started on an injectable called Byetta (it isn’t insulin). Its not a huge deal to do the jab, its the tiniest needle I have ever seen, and there’s no stinging or anything. Not even as noticeable as a mozzie bite.

So I have gone from BGL levels of 6-9 6 years ago, to levels of 8-20 now. Admittedly I have also had several bouts of bronchitis and/or pneumonia in the interim, requiring massive doses of prednisone which really screws with your BGL at the time, and although I am told there isn’t a long lasting effect, I have noticed that every time I have prednisone, and even after I come off it, my BGLs are in a higher range. Of course, I could be deluding myself and this may just be an effect of my digging my heels in and refusing to acknowledge my diabetes in any meaningful way.

So… seriously… I need to do something constructive about getting some exercise and given that I detest it for its own sake, I’m pretty much stuck with the exercise bike I bought a few years back, and listening to audiobooks while I ride. I would actually *like* to have a proper bike again, its one thing I really did like for itself, not because I was getting exercise, but I am in no fit state to be on the roads yet. So thats one thing.

I need to check my BGLs more frequently and more regularly. At the moment I tend to do it when I feel unwell and then for a few days to keep a check on it but normally I will only do it if I think of it… and given that I haven’t wanted to think of it, its been a bit of a nonevent. I’ve noticed that when I do regular checks, I also keep my ridiculous eating habits under control… so the end result is a reducing BGL.

Diet: I have to stop thinking that somehow I am missing out if I am unable to gobble into easter chocolate, or Christmas pudding, or have that cream bun (or whatever) as I pass by a pastry shop.

I guess one good thing is that I am losing weight. Its very slow, and up and down, but the trend is down, rather than UP and that’s a good thing. It was easier over summer because I absolutely adore salads, and I just live on them… winter, not so good, I love stodgy food and that has to stop. I also love hot chips. BAD. At home, I have all but given up potato, having only a small one every few days, and I’ve added pasta back into my diet to keep the carbs happening (you do need them, just not lots). I struggle with bread. I don’t much like what I call “lumpy bread”… the seeded varieites, and I don’t like most wholemeal/brown breads because they taste like cardboard to me. So I still have white occasionally, and have settled on one of the Helga’s “lumpy” variety, as well as some sourdough flat breads. I only have a couple of slices a day so probably not a big deal.

My diet is BORING. I think that’s what ends up leading me to break out. I need to research more into good, interesting diabetic safe food, and relieve the boredom that way. Otherwise I *am* going to end up on insulin and I really don’t want to go there.

Sorry for the rant, I think maybe I am using the blog as a sounding board as much as anything, and thank god its not often šŸ™‚