New mobile phones

Anyone who knows me, knows well that I become quickly bored with whatever I am doing or into at any given time, and so I need to change direction for a while, to renew, as it were. I’ve been an iPhone fiend since the first one in 2007, when I bought one imported from the US. Like everyone else, I had to rely on people who had gone before with jailbreaking, because the US iPhone in Australia could not be used unless it was jailbroken and unlocked. Prior to iPhone, I was changing phones as frequently as I change cameras (this, of course, requires a separate post)

The “need” to jailbreak continued for me into the 3G[S] because there were a number of applications available only via jailbreak that I had become dependent on, and, in addition, I was still not over the desire to customise my phone with homescreens not available any other way. Later, I also purchased an application which allowed me to use the phone as a wifi hotspot. These days, I’m over the customisation, and the iPhone 4 with the latest firmware gives the wifi hotspot. I’m counting the $20 I spent on MyWi as a writeoff, and the $40 I spent on customisation applications, also. I had a most excellent run out of my 3G[S], and I have never needed or wanted to jailbreak the iPhone4.

Something happened this week though… I was reading in Whirlpool forums of a new android phone, made by ZTE and released by Telstra, and at $99, I figured that even if it was a dud, it was worth spending the money to find out what the fuss is about with the Android system. I found I liked it. I liked it much more than I expected… it appealed to my need to tweak things. The problem for me, though, is that my eyes no longer manage with screens of lower resolution than that of the iPhones, so by the end of Day One, I had a blinder of a headache, although in the interim I had successfully unlocked it from the Telstra network and it can now be used on any 850/2100 network. Sadly, the Telstra branding and crappy applications remain and continue to take up space on the phone. Still working on that.

The other thing that happened was that a young man called Josh had advertised in one of my forums that he wanted either an iPhone 4 for which he would pay, or he would swap his brand new HTC Desire for a 3G[S] in good working condition. I had only just decided to let my 3G[S] go, along with all the accoutrements I had bought for it over the past 18 months, and it was a short hop to making the decision to do the swap, if he was happy to do that. Luckily he lives and works in my town, we got together the very next day, he was happy, I was happy, and the deal was done. So now, I have Android and iOS phones.

I think my ideal would be to have iOS inside the Android. Weird, or what. I love the form factor of the Desire. Its thinner and lighter than the iP4, and has the hardware buttons I wish the iPhone had. The screen is gorgeous and can be customised to a small degree, as can iPhone. There are only 7 screens available (the Telstra touch had only 5) but one thing I do like is the HTC time/weather app which is on the home screen all the time. Initially I was annoyed by the GPS, once on, having (apparently) no way of turning off, thus becoming a battery hog, but a discussion with a friend and subsequent discovery of a widget through which most options can be controlled, and my anxiety about this has subsided. I haven’t exercised the 5Mp camera but I expect it will perform as well or as badly as any other phone camera. Josh had already unlocked it from Telstra, and I have voided the warranty by “rooting” the device (Looking for some way to get rid of the branding and crud) but I dont regard warranty loss as a problem, given that it was a straight swap for me from a phone with no warranty in any case. If things go pearshaped (and they did yesterday, briefly) there always seems to be a way back. The very biggest issue for me is the very very small on board memory (the SD card can go to 32G) and the fact that almost all android apps want to install to that onboard memory and so it fills in less than a day if you really get cracking on the market. Many apps refuse to be moved to the SD card and so it does become a real problem. This is another reason to get rid of the built in Telstra crud, its taking up valuable space with apps I will never ever use.

Anyway.. once again, I seem to have a plethora of mobile phones in my cupboards. Just cant seem to help myself.