Camera Sales Again

Well, CameraMarket has proven pretty useless. Lots of tyre-kickers. That is, heaps of views (in the hundreds), no sales. So I have also advertised on Gumtree, and as a result have sold the Pentax K-r within a day of posting (so thats 1/3 of the K-5 paid for) and have had two enquiries about the Nikon P100. Nothing yet in relation to the K200D, or either of the Panasonics. I’m not that surprised about the lack of interest in the K200, but I am quite surprised at the lack of interest in the Panasonics, given that both cameras are really quite fine examples of their class (both are superzooms, one is a bridge camera which shoots RAW as well as JPG and movies, and the other is a compact, which also does HD video.)

Oh well, not to worry, the ads don’t expire until 80-odd days from now, I’ll see how it pans out 🙂