Selling Cameras

I’ve decided that since I have been spending in quite an uncontrolled manner since before Christmas, its time I began to sell things I no longer use or need.

To this end, I have opened an account at and have begun advertising my camera gear there
Here’s the link which will take you to a list of my current ads. Check back for the addition of a Panasonic TZ7 and the current model Pentax K-r which is only a month old, the kit lens of which has never been opened except for the photograph I’ll post, and has never been used, at all.

I would prefer to sell within Australia.

I’ll also link here to a guitar which I will sell, when I find an appropriate outlet for that sale. Its a vintage 1975 K.Yairi which, if I were to try to replace it today, would probably cost me in excess of $4000. However, I no longer play, and its just languishing here. Price as yet undecided (just in case someone decides they want it, from here)