K-x: gone!

I waxed lyrical about a new camera, back in January, and was hell bent on replacing my now aging (in camera-life terms) K200D. Well, its didn’t happen. The shots I took with the K-x which I showed in that post were probably the best I managed, with the exception of a sunset over Lake Macquarie, which was accepted into the Pentax Photo Gallery (check the sidebar for a link). I just could not get used to a number of features missing, which the K200D has (including the top LCD, something I never thought I would bother even looking at)… and so last weekend, I sold it.

Today, Pentax has announced a new small dSLR, the K-r – and yes, it comes in colours. The K-x is not being retired, it remains the entry level camera. The trouble is, there are so few improvements from the K-x to the K-r, I don’t think I’d bother with either. I would recommend jumping entry level and going straight to the K7, but not yet, wait til after Photokina and the expected announcement of a new Pro level Pentax K5.

Me, I’m sticking with my K200D and my fairly recently acquired 35mm Macro lens until or unless Pentax release a full frame pro camera.