Posting from the new iThing

Well, I went ahead and did something I never thought I would do, and bought an iPad. You’d think I would know by now that I will get any new tech that’s going, but no, I keep surprising myself.

I’ll attach screenies to this post once I am using the computer again because that’s where they are located, but right now I am enjoying using the onscreen keyboard within the WordPress application and it’s a whole lot easier than I expected. There’s no physical feedback and I was a bit concerned about that but it’s not an issue. I’m using two hands and most of my fingers. Can’t touch-type but can type fast enough whilst looking at the keyboard.

I’ve got a bit application mad with this thing, and am afraid to look at my bank account. The iPhone seems so tiny now, by comparison. There are plenty of apps to keep anyone happy, and if you got the 3G model (I didn’t), you can use the network to do almost anything on the road. Having said that, I did get a Virginmobile 3G wifi gadget that can get me online as well, but I’ll use wifi where I can, at free hotspots or at home.

Applications most in use for me are Airvideo, for streaming movies from my computer over wifi within the house and yard; Stanza, for reading books. I had to jailbreak to get the full screen Stanza… There’s a jb app called Fullforce which forces the app (and it doesn’t work with all of the iPhone apps) to display correctly in the iPad screen. Using the apple supplied upscaling is just horrid, but for some apps there is no choice if you must use them on iPad and the developer has not made a special version OR he wants more money for the iPad version. Many devs have chosen to bundle the iPhone and iPad versions together.

Well, I am beginning to ramble. Pix later, I’ll attaching at the end of this post.