Musings for Friday afternoon

I’ve finally got to a point where I am completely disinterested in facebook as a social networking thing. I am playing Fish Wrangler, which is an in-net game which doesn’t demand all of your time and energy and actually allows you to have a life outside of facebook. Notice that I am not even linking to facebook in this post.

I deleted all friends and relatives who were not part of my fish wrangling crew, and once I have achieved an end in that game (it gets close and then they add some more to it) OR my other self which I created specifically to play a couple of games also gets to that point… I will be deleting that account altogether. Its a self-indulgent mess, IMO. And I was-am just as selfindulgent as anyone I could accuse of being so. Gotta stop that, play the game, get on with life, and pay more attention to the blog and photography.

Haven’t uploaded much to Zenfolio of late, and I have my eye on THREE new lenses. I’ll have to be circumspect and go slow on this, they have to be imported from the US (about 1/3 the cost of buying in Oz). I bought the K-x as the three readers who come here know, and I had a hissy and decided to sell it because it wasn’t what I wanted. In truth though, I havent given it a fair trial, and so I have changed my mind about that. In the meantime I also bought a Nikon P100 as my go-anywhere because the Panasonic TZ7 was proving too much of a trial for my shoddy eyes. I suspect with a new lightweight lens on the K-x both the point and shooters will need to find new homes. If I had thought it through I would have gone straight for a 15mm lens and not bought the Nikon, but I had made up my mind and I am seriously stubborn.

Continues to deteriorate: I haven’t been paying attention to my diet so my diabetes is not well controlled. I have also had an exacerbation of the COPD so between high blood sugars and not breathing too well (I suppose I need to be content, at least, that the OSA is reasonably well controlled), I am not really liking having to go to work. To which end I am going to look to retirement around June/July. I’m not going to be self funded, it will be a disability support pension initially, but the age pension ain’t as far off as I wish it was. This will happen if I can clear my mortgage and CC with whatever super is available to me at that time… or at least get close enough to be able to take on the pension and have a long enough rest to recover before taking on a bit of casual work to finish it up.

In spite of all of the above, I am in good spirits and enjoying my life as it is. It might not be a life someone would choose but I am reasonably content and have accepted that some of the things I wanted to achieve will not happen. I’ll enjoy my photography and my few friends, and then, I’ll be off, as it were.


2 thoughts on “Musings for Friday afternoon

  1. scott lawrence 17/04/2010 / 10:03 am

    hi kyte
    how funny! i was about to do the same thing…delete my profile off of facebook. most of the people i have friended are folks i haven’t seen in over 30 years and in fact several of the women are unknown to me cuz i don’t know their maiden names!
    good luck and best of health to you. as an aside i want to mention to all who might find it helpful that i received my first order from medstore for modafinil very quickly and without any obstruction from customs. don’t know urantia’s story so if anyone finds out please share. scott in northern CA by the bay

  2. kyte 17/04/2010 / 6:00 pm

    Thanks for your comments, Scott. I just got tired of the nonsense. And the truth of the matter is that sooner or later (and because people tend to expose so much of themselves there) you find that you actually don’t really like those people after all…

    In the end, and to avoid any recriminations, I decided to drop the lot as per my post… it was easier all round.

    RE modafinil, I am not using it any more. I still need a granny nap in the afternoons but my OSA seems to be pretty much in hand now, so I can make it through the day without turning into a zombie at lunchtime or thereabouts. I’ve also got some cardiac issues which preclude its use for any longer. O well, life goes on.

    Retirement is the thing!!

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