Caved in and bought a netbook

Its an Asus 1001HA-W7, its not the latest and greatest but it does serve a purpose… couch surfing.  Or macca’s wifi surfing.  Or writing. 

I’m writing this post on the netbook via the Windows Live Writer application, its a fairly decent sort of setup really.  Here are the FYIs:  Windows 7 Starter is just that… a very basic OS which is so crippled, I had to get Ultimate.  One of the reasons I wanted a netbook was to be able to access the net whenever I wanted to, and being able to tether my iphone to access my data on that, was pretty much necessary… I alos wanted to use (occasionally) my eyetv stick.  Designed for Mac and useable on Win7 but ONLY with the media centre… not available in Starter.

I’ve tried several operating systems and the only others which work out of the box (apart from Windows variants) is Ubuntu 9.10 and eeeBuntu 4beta.  I have tried gOS (seemed like a mac look and feel so naturally I was attracted to it…no wifi), also: fedora, mandriva, kubuntu, none of which work with my wifi card (which makes no sense for Kubuntu given that its the same codebase as Ubuntu, and is the same version..9.10..but… no wifi.

I have also tried to hackintosh it (which would actually be my preference) but having failed to get the DVD to boot, I’ve given up, for now (but not forever, because the bootloaders will get better and better)

Anyway: paid $398 at Dick Smith and noted that the price jumped to $599 a week later.  We have a battery which is able to get up to 8 hours (but i have noticed that its much less in Windows, around 5 hours…. Ubuntu was giving me 7+) and I’ve bought an external dvd drive (Sony) so I can continue to play.  Its neat, it weighs almost nothing, and I really really like it.  If push came to shove, I could live with it, short term, as my only computer.

Sue is mobile.