Another New Camera: Pentax K-x

I’ve gone mad. Mad for photography, that is. I’ve often spoken of my difficulties at times with the weight of my Pentax K200D, and the wrist pain I get when I go on longish shoots (a couple of hours or more, I could never do an entire day). Enter the Pentax K-x with a significant weight reduction, a better sensor, and live view.

There have been many times I thought that using a tripod would solve most of my wrist issues, but the K200D doesn’t have live view. This in itself is probably not an issue for most people but I find it very awkward, framing shots when the cam is on a tripod and I have to use the viewfinder. I never use live view for hand held shots (not even now with the new cam) but having it available for framing up is just wonderful, and has given me a new impetus to get out there.

I haven’t yet decided to sell the K200D, I can see there may be times when I would prefer to use it… but for the moment at least, the K-x is the go.

Here are some shots from this morning


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