Diabetes Links

I’ve added some links to my sidebar which are of intense interest to me, since my endocrinologist is threatening me with insulin if I am unable to get some control over my BGL (blood glucose level for those not in the know – aka BSL, S for sugar). So I have resurrected a couple of iphone applications, Glucose Buddy and Diabetes Pilot. GB is excellent, it synchronises with a website and its free. Diabetes Pilot is a bit more complex and might (not sure about this) sync with a desktop client which naturally is only available for Windows. Its expensive.

Lastly, there’s Healthengage, a flash based site which can, apparently, pull data from your enabled BGL device. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those, but I may well invest in one, typing the information laboriously in (as I have for the recordings of the last 20 days) will be a pain in the butt. BTW the flash based site will not work on your iphone. They need to adjust that information.

At this stage, Glucose Buddy is the go, for instant sync… all they need to do is sort the graphing so it provides not just an average, but also a graph of every reading… for a day, a week, a month and 90 days. Those are the timespans of interest to diabetics everywhere… and their endocrinologists and GPs.