Camera stuff again

Back in February, I was muttering about selling the Pentax. I’d been having a lot of issues with my wrists… anyway, when it came down to it I couldn’t do it. The K200D is a bloody excellent piece of kit for an entry level camera and the others I was considering are not weather-sealed. There are lots of advantages in Pentax.

So I had a fit of the buys the other day and have ordered from DCW a brand new lens from Tamron, an 18-250mm. It will be an all-purpose lens for those days I dont want to be dealing with lens changing. Seems like thats all the time, of late. I had considered buying another bridge camera (nikon P90, or maybe the new Olympus SP590) but either would cost not much less than the lens I’ve now ordered… and although 250mm is half the focal length I could have got with either of the bridge cams, I’ll have the same flexibility, with a MUCH better end result.

So..its me and the Pentax…and my wrist braces. Oh what the heck, it doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things. And the shots are great 🙂 I’m happy. Keep yer Canon and Nikon, I’m a Pentaxian!!

This is the last accepted entry to the Pentax gallery.


2 thoughts on “Camera stuff again

  1. scott lawrence 30/05/2010 / 11:14 am

    just wanted to tell you how much i adore this sunset photo you took, kyte. i assume that retirement has been working wonders on your mental & physical health.

  2. kyte 02/10/2010 / 6:16 am

    Wow, I really need to pay more attention to the blog. Thanks for your comment, Scott. It was actually a sunrise and taken long before I was wanting to retire (which, I might add, I still haven’t managed to do, properly… doing contract work instead… but its getting closer.

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