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You might wonder what the change of direction is about, here.. Modafinil? WTF?

Here’s the story: Some months ago, my friend Chris told me that he had been prescribed this new drug, Modafinil, and that it was making a huge difference to his life. He was able to get on and do what he must, he joined a gym and started a weightloss program which turned out very successfully, and he was trying to persuade me to give it a shot as well. I was reluctant until I thought it through.. Chris and I both suffer from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and so we are unable to obtain Modafinil on the PBS, because its only prescribed for provable narcolepsy here in Australia (unlike the US where both of us would be eligible, because of OSA). Instead, we have to pay $120 or thereabouts per month, in order to stay awake long enough to do what we need to. (I’ve gone with getting it from overseas)

For various reasons I was looking at the Medicare Site today (actually contemplating getting credentialled and getting a Provider Number and going to work for a GP instead of doing what I currently do) and noticed the PBS link. So I looked in there and saw the link to Modafinil. Followed the link and found out just how hard it is to get prescribed, even if you do have Narcolepsy. I found it really hard to believe what I was reading: even if you are a narcoleptic, you can’t get Modafinil if dexamphetamine will do. Here’s a quote from the site

Authority required
Initial treatment

Initial treatment, by a qualified sleep medicine practitioner or a qualified neurologist, of patients with narcolepsy where:

1. therapy with dexamphetamine sulfate poses an unacceptable medical risk or
2. intolerance to dexamphetamine sulfate of a severity necessitating permanent treatment withdrawal develops

WHAT THE….? The Australian Government prefers that you take amphetamines than a drug which is a) not addictive, b) wont give you a high and c) can be withdrawn immediately with no side effects. You just have to wonder who runs the PBS Authority show down there in Canberra.


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  1. kyte 09/04/2010 / 4:41 am

    Sorry Peter, no idea. I had not heard that they weren’t available. Perhaps like many, they just went under. I bought my last supply of Modafinil some months ago but have had to stop taking it because it was exacerbating some cardiac issues I have, so I haven’t been keeping watch on them.

    I’ve removed your email address from the comment you made, you’ll get spammed to hell if you post it like that. Additionally, if you really want to know, I guess you’ll come back to see if there’s a response

  2. scott lawrence 09/04/2010 / 4:02 pm

    i got an email from urantia yesterday telling me that their site was down and that they had no idea when it might be back up on line again. they have been a good source for modafinil but they have twice sent me another order (metformin) originally purchased back in november – neither of which i received and they would not give me a credit on my mastercard. they said too much time had elapsed for their bank to give me my money back and i got different emails telling me to continue waiting for delivery or to give them a different address to send the order to. both packages made it as far as customs in new york city and probably were sent back to them. i figure i have lost seventy dollars. all my other orders (at least 7 in total) made it to me with no problems, but their customer service was very iffy and
    there appeared to be a language barrier in their responses by email. as recommended by this forum i am now using medstore. my first order has just been shipped. i will keep you posted. if i hear anything from urantia i will also keep you abreast of the details.

  3. scott lawrence 30/05/2010 / 11:03 am

    hi kyte and all my ozzie friends. i hope all is well with you (and yank friends too). i have been using medstore and they are much swifter in delivery and with the bonus pills they add to your order after your initial expense make it well worth it. only downside is that i must sign for the package when the postman delivers it. recently i have been able to try the relatively new time-released form of modafinil called nuvigil here in the states. i was sent an email coupon by the manufacturer (Cephalon) and got my GP to write me the script for 30. i am taking the 250 mg once a day. they also make 150mg. after investigating what my medicare part D plan copay would be for the nuvigil refills, however, i am going to have to go back to modavigil 200 twice a day because the cost is prohibitive. even with a $50 off coupon for the first twelve prescriptions my copay would still be $40 each month! can you believe $90 is my standard copay for this drug and i would need prior authorization on top of that?

  4. scott lawrence 30/05/2010 / 11:04 am

    as an aside, i have not heard anything regarding urantia and they still owe me $70
    or a shipment of 200 metformin.

  5. kyte 30/05/2010 / 11:16 am

    scott lawrence :

    as an aside, i have not heard anything regarding urantia and they still owe me $70
    or a shipment of 200 metformin.

    Crikey, Scott, thats nasty.

    I’m not using modafinil any more, it doesn’t go well with some of my other medications, so I’ve had to revert to caffeine hits at regular intervals thoughtout my work day, and long naps on days off.

    My GP wasn’t that keen on my having it in the first place but she was willing to give it a shot. Sadly though, it interacts poorly with both my diabetic meds and my thyroid meds. I’ve been more alert without it than with it, lately, as long as I get my coffee on board (only need 2-3 cups during the day) and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

    I’m sorry you had a bad trot with urantia… They were so reliable for so long, I was surprised to read they had gone bust. But that’s why you’ll probably never see that $70.

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