Money for Nothing (and your kicks for free)

Well, not really.

Periodically, you get an email from pureprofile to tell you that there are campaigns in your account. These can be surveys, or just website visits. Surveys could be paid 20c up to about $15 (I managed to get a $10 survey and a $15 one all at one time, but that hasn’t happened for two years), the max is usually between $2 and $4. Website visits pay 10c. Some pay nothing and are there for interest, and some of those are worth a visit and a bookmark.

I joined Pureprofile when it was an Australia Post venture. Its now privately owned and has changed how it works and doesnt pay as much as it did (how could it!) but I have found in recent times, the things being promoted are worth a look, at least, and the surveys… well… I almost always get filtered out these days. But, 20c for answering two or three questions which give no real personal info… I don’t mind.

Its worth a look, and if you were to join, I get $1 for every $5 you earn, until I reach $5 (maximum per referral)… its all on the up and up… you won’t retire on the income… but for a few minutes of your time around once a month.. pffft…

Here’s the link.

A similar kind of thing, which you can earn 5c daily (and more) from (so its a bit more lucrative, but again, not a retirement income) is RewardsCentral (used to be Emailcash) which started in 1999 in the midst of the boom in paid to read advertising. It had changed its business model and survived long past the demise of most of the others, and its worth the hassle of logging in daily for your 5c. If you actually do shop online a lot, its definitely worth it because you get points for every purchase made via the site. Also associated is MyOpinions which you will have to join separately since it was separated from RewardsCentral.

As a matter of interest, I have earned over $150 from Pureprofile over the years and currently have $49 in my account, and probably around $300 from what was emailcash (the two current sites before their separation). I have currently around $180 sitting in RewardsCentral because I move my MyOpinions points over with every hundred, and it all goes into the eBank to get interest until I get to 22,000 points, at which time I will cash up for $200. Its not a lot but much better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

Links already in the sidebar. Its worth the joining. Choose to use the referral links or not (it would be nice if you did), its still worth it to you if you can be fussed.