Warning! Rant Ahead!

My day started fairly well, I was awake at a ridiculous hour, having crashed at 7pm last night, so I thought I would take myself down to the ocean as I so often do, and see what the sunrise would bring. As it happens, it wasn’t a lot, but it was quite pleasant down there, watching the ocean and the early surfers, and taking a few shots (which it turns out were a complete washout but thats for another story, maybe)…

I headed for home after an hour or so of pottering about, and this is when I began to experience extremes of irritation. I do understand that bicycle riders need to be given a chance on the road. They have barely any protection, and in collision with a car, will always come off second best, if they should happen to survive. Its only 12 years since I quit riding on the road, and I do remember how fraught it can be.

HOWEVER (here it comes!)

I get really ticked off with bike riders who refuse to take any responsibility for their own safety. There was a boy of 20 or so, racing along on his mountain bike. He was wearing a helmet and runners, shorts and a jacket. He passed me at a set of traffic lights and then I passed him further along. I had to stop at a T interesection and wait a bit before being able to make my left turn for an immediate right turn. I began the turn as soon as the road in front was clear and at this exact moment, this complete IDIOT raced past me on my left, cut across in front of my car (I had now had to brake suddenly, praying the guy behind would see what was going on) and then into the lane ahead of me where I wanted to turn. Apart from being completely illegal, the guy is dicing with death. But you know whats the pain in the ass for drivers? If perchance I had not been able to stop in time, and had knocked him off his bike, *I* would have been considered to be in breach of the law, and would have been charged at least with negligent driving. How the hell does that work???

Then I went past him again, and unluckily was unable to get through the next set of lights before they turned red again, so was sitting in a line of traffic… the bike guy caught up with the cars again, and went to the head of the queued vehicles… as the pedestrian light turned green (but not yet green for cars) this fool raced across the road on the bike and on into some bike paths, which is the last I saw of him. As far as I could tell, from when I saw him the first time, he broke at least 3 different laws, one of them twice, and still, had anything happened to him, he would not have been held to blame.

Something needs to be done about these fools, they are just as bad as any road hoon, as far as I am concerned.


One thought on “Warning! Rant Ahead!

  1. Michael 05/03/2009 / 6:44 pm

    I always feel better after a good rant. Irresponsible bike riders are always good for one. Too common, I’m afraid.

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