Council Cleanup and Scumbag Scavengers

You might think I am over-reacting, but I am totally amazed at the behaviour of scavengers. I put a bunch of stuff out on the street in readiness for council cleanup. You know, old broken office chair. A stereo thats elderly but not totally past it, I just dont want it anymore and its not sellable. A couple of perfectly good bedside lamps which might have served someone well. A coffee maker. Two heaters, getting on a bit but still useable, I just don’t need them now. Two water filter units, both still serviceable.

I expected people to come by and pick stuff they wanted. I expected that most of the stuff would be gone by tonight (I put it out this morning around 9am). But that is not what happened. Within an hour of my putting the stuff out, scavengers had been by.

They cut all the electrical cords from the items mentioned above. In the case of the lamps, they didnt take the plugs, they just threw them on the ground. They cut off the metal spouts from the filters, and they took the old metal kettle, and an office chair which was broken, obviously for the metal. They have left everything in a state where if someone comes by now, there is nothing retrievable. What completely selfish bastards.

I’ve been out tonight and tidied up the mess they left, because they scattered it around: as they were finished with each item, they just threw it to the ground. The council may not even pick up my stuff now, its in bits and pieces, not all neatly stacked as it was.

I am bloody furious. And there’s not a damned thing I can do about it. One thing is for certain… I wont be doing council cleanup again, anytime soon.