Pentax for Sale: yes, already.

How long have I been busting to get a dSLR? How long have I waited? How much have I enjoyed the one I have? Short answer: long time, lots.

I’m going to have to sell it. Or put it in mothballs…. the RSI of my right wrist has become too painful.

I am thinking I am going to revert to using the Fuji for a while (since nobody wanted to buy it and now I am thinking thank goodness) and see how my wrist repairs. Last week I was thinking that it was computer use that was causing my problems, but I went all last week, and the weekend on the computer and not taking photographs and I was fine, but went Monday morning for an early shoot and I’ve had to have the wrist brace on ever since then. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that every Pentax camera session has been followed by days and days of brace and aspirin. Unfortunately, every time it happens, its longer and longer between shoots, and its really getting up my nose. I would rather be able to take photographs with a camera thats not a dslr, than have to wait for days between shoots because of the pain.

With all this typing-thinking… I think I have convinced myself that I have to go back to using a bridge camera which is much much lighter. Not as good as a dSLR, but I have managed to produce some pretty decent stuff, and the bridge cams are getting better all the time (thinks… why the hell did I not wait and get the Panasonic FZ28!!!!).

OK, Pentax K200D with Pentax 18-55mm and Tamron 70-300mm lenses and a snoot bag for the cam + 18-55, UV filters for both lenses and a circular polariser for the 18-55 (brings up the clouds beautifully!) on the market. I’ll also throw in my old camera bag. And a truckload of batteries. And for an extra $60, the rechargeables and charger too, and no, they cannot be acquired separately. Guess I will try the work intranet first and then hit the papers. And no, I will not FeeBay it. Asking $950, negotiable. Novocastrians can write to kyteflyer at gmail dot com and arrange to see/make offers. I won’t post it, the gear is too fragile to trust to Australia Post, so it will have to be sold locally or to someone willing to travel to Newcastle to collect it.

Change of mind, temporarily. I’ll use the Fuji for a while until the wrist recovers, then have a last shot at using it and keep all appendages crossed that its okay. I waited too long for this to give up now.


4 thoughts on “Pentax for Sale: yes, already.

  1. Doofus 08/02/2009 / 9:56 am

    Sad to see you are going to part with your Pentax Kyte. But often it is the case of not knowing what really suits until you get to own something, which can be rather painful, in your case to your wrist but more commonly your wallet.
    At least you now have an idea of what size and weight camera to look for to replace your Pentax.
    If you really love the DSLR style of camera but want something smaller and lighter I would suggest you take a look at the new micro 4/3 cameras about to be released by Olympus they could be something that may suit.
    The Panasonic G1 is the first of this type and has been getting some good reviews. I know that I would love to get one of these type of cameras so as to have a small camera which is capable of excellent results.

  2. kyte 08/02/2009 / 10:14 am


    I’ve been looking at the Panasonic micro, the weight is certainly an improvement without the mirror. I wasn’t aware that Olympus was close to release… I’ve seen on the site some new compacts, and a new superzoom, but still only the E3, E30, E520 and E420 in the interchangeable lens department 😦 And the Panasonic is over $1600 at DCW (over 1800 with twin lenses), lord knows what it is when not discounted. Too rich for my blood. The form factor appeals, though I am uncertain what real advantage there might be over the FZ28.

    I also took a look at a friend’s E520, but sizewise its about the same, and only a fraction lighter once you get the bigger lenses onto it.

    I find the Pentax not quite so bad with its 18-55mm, but when I want long zoom, the additional weight that the 70-300 brings is too much. Hence, since that post, I am thinking I might spring for an all-in one (either 18-200 or 18-250 tamron, both of which are quite light) and see how it goes. I still need to rest the wrist for a bit longer, its still very touchy, and I haven’t picked the camera up since last Monday 😦

    Whatever the case, for now, the pocket won’t allow me to do any of the above so I am stuck, as it were.

  3. Sampo 17/03/2009 / 7:29 am

    Hey, we should switch. I have a Panasonic G1 which is a bit too small for my hands (I’m ~192cm tall, not too small hands). So I have been thinking about selling the G1 and buying a bit beefier DSLR, pentax k200d or olympus e-520.. that’s how I ended here, was googling info about the k200d 🙂

  4. kyte 17/03/2009 / 7:08 pm

    LOL> I was thinking about getting a G1 before I went for the Pentax. In the end it was price that drove the decision. I think I have the RSI under control: New rule. Put brace on before going out with camera. Its working for me.

    Now I want more lenses 🙂

    You wont regret a Pentax… but if $$$ permits, I would consider a beefy Nikon D90, myself. Its a really decent piece of kit. I wanted the Pentax (or the Olympus, but decided against, for reasons I cannot recall anymore) because of the built-in image stabilisation. With Nikon and Canon you have to get it in the lenses which makes them more expensive…

    Of course now I am also very very tempted by the new Olympus superzoom… 26x… which gives an effective 600mm, great for birding. Waiting to read reviews first though. 12MP on a tiny sensor could be a disaster.

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