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Oh the frustration of it all. I’ve waxed lyrical on the iPhone for ages… but I have had it for almost 18 months now and am currently thinking I would prefer to have a traditional style of phone (don’t pass out, you lot!).

It is not that I don’t like the iPhone, but its just that I wish that I had a phone with all of the iphone features, but with a traditional keypad for making calls. I actually don’t like the touchscreen for that purpose. Weird, huh… Initially I thought it was because there is no physical feedback from the keys… but thats not it. Its a simple thing. I want to be able to hold the phone in my hand and input a number with the thumb of that hand, as I do with “ordinary” phones.

A simple solution, you might think… get an ordinary phone. The trouble is, I am a texting demon (well, not so much anymore) and I thoroughly detest texting on a standard phone keypad.

So whats the solution? A phone like the Samsung Blackjack? Or a Nokia E71 or similar? I think that I would be in the same boat. I would still need two hands to dial a number. Perhaps an E51 (I’m leaning toward this, as my text needs have almost dissipated… perhaps I can just deal with it once every so often)… or… and I am not sure if these will do the job, one of the HTC phones with a combination of standard keypad for calls, and a touchscreen for texting? I don’t know. What I do know is that the iPhone is on its way to being used only for applications and as an iPod.

I guess I shouldn’t be too distressed about it, its had a really good run, better than most other phones I have had. And I will still be able to use it with wifi.

But.. I suppose you could say… I’m over it.


3 thoughts on “Mobile Phones

  1. Michael 24/01/2009 / 12:10 am

    Every time I have the impulse to buy a new phone I stop and think what else I want or need. Generally it involves something else.

    I still have a bulky JasJam, but it does everything I want it to, so I bought a new Nikon D60 camera instead of a new phone!

  2. kyte 07/02/2009 / 7:34 pm

    And I have now decided to keep the iphone for the forseeable future, theres too much of it that I have become dependent on. In fact, I will likely get a prepaid optus 3G iphone when I have the dosh. Damn I hate depending on these things, but the apps are just sooooo good.

    I’m going to start using a headset and voice dialling with a third party app instead of futzing with the touchscreen

  3. kyte 28/02/2009 / 4:51 pm

    More on this: I caved and bought a Nokia 6120c from Telstra (I am a prepaid T person at the moment, it suits me) and am intending to use it for when I am in areas where the T signal is rubbish for the iPhone (being 2G its not great in some places). Its easy enough to swap in and out, as long as you carry a paperclip to eject the sim tray from the iphone . I still love the iphone apps, and can use it as an iPod and for wifi on the go if there are hotspots about. I’ll get used to the keypad texting again, I guess… and it *will* slow me down.

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