Windows 7 Beta available for download

I don’t know how many of my readers are avid Windows users, but they may want to have a play with the newest version of Windows. Its out now, its only a beta so downloader beware… You can NOT use it to upgrade XP. You *can* use it to upgrade Vista but only if you have SP1 installed. Microsoft recommend a clean install so if you have a spare machine, I would be looking to that as the testbed. Its a 2.6G download so if your data allowance is skating the edge, wait til your next month rollover.

I have heard many positive remarks about W7 (as opposed to what I heard about Vista) and am looking forward to giving it a try on my Mac Bootcamp Partition. Once I am into my next month’s data allowance. It will probably be out of beta by then 😦 Beta is the only free version and it is time limited, so get it while its hot, and before it expires.

Windows 7 website: includes beta download links