More problems, and some solved.

1) I haven’t heard from Mike about PithHelmet, but he’s probably on vacation so pfft, he will answer soon enough.

2) Light banding on my LCD screen: appears to be almost gone. Obviously, whatever Leopard was doing, was unacceptable, and Tiger is just fine. I don’t think there is enough in Leopard to make me re-upgrade now, unless I really MUST have Time Machine (which I no longer am interested in). And If I want Windows stuff I’ll use VMWare Fusion, Crossover, or Parallels (or try to track down a standalone version of Bootcamp).

3) My Pinnacle TV Stick has now decided that it has plugged into a USB 1.1 port (we know its USB2 on these intel iMacs) and refuses to work. That, at least, is when the stick is even detected. Most times it isn’t. Tested in the old eMac (where it wont work because those ports *are* 1.1) it reveals that it does actually work. Just not on the eMac. Or, apparently, on my iMac, anymore. This isn’t a new issue since reinstalling Tiger, its been going on for some time. This week though (today more particularly) is the first time its refused to work on the iMac at all. Maybe its on the way out. If so I don’t think I will bother replacing it with something else. I have had in mind to get a decent PVR for the loungeroom and TV set there, and I have an IceTV subscription for the next 12 months… so I rather think that a Beyonwiz or Topfield will be a more likely purchase.

I’m rambling. And its the first day of 3 extra days off (lets call it a holiday) where I do not have to be at the office.