Sometimes, I'm a Total Twit

I have reverted to using Tiger, for the moment, in an effort to pinpoint the screen issues (my thinking was that maybe some of the driver updates had screwed something… and they haven’t… still got the issue)… anyway thats not what I want to post about. What I want to post about is my idiocy in not making a serious attempt to record serial numbers and keys for software I buy, even if i stop using it, just in case I might want to in the future.

This is happening even as we speak. I bought a licence for a piece of ad-bocking (for Safari) software called PithHelmet, some time ago. I lost the licence for it once before and wrote to Mike, and he was kind enough to resend it. Back then I could remember what email address I used, etc, but this time, do you think I have even the vaguest inkling? Nope. So I have written to poor Mike again… I hope he is a merciful being 😦